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Spinning brings a lot of things to mind, from torturous workout classes to our favorite dj’s dance-inducing tunes, but Seth Bankier is bringing a trendier (and tastier!) type of spinning to Chicago: cotton candy!

After an unfulfilled craving of the sweet treat, Seth took a new spin on an old favorite. Spin-Spun features gourmet flavors of our favorite carnival snack ranging from Salted Caramel to Tabasco Watermelon to Vanilla Butter Cake. Seth creates each creation preservative-free with zero artificial colors or flavors and using only 100% organic sugar... read more

Biz Bash

CHICAGO Spun All Natural Confections is a new Chicago catering firm that specializes in one fat-free and gluten-free treat: cotton candy. Using organic sugar and either organic or natural flavors... read more

Seth Bankier was put on this earth to make every other dad jealous.  The suburban father of two owns a cotton candy machine... read more

Daily Candy
Spin Spun All Natural Gourmet Cotton Candy
Spin Spun All Natural Gourmet Cotton Candy



less than 100 calories per serving!

fat free

gluten free

nut free

no artificial colors or flavors

no preservatives

all Kosher (pareve) ingredients

dairy free100% organic sugar

no pesticides, no GMOs

fair trade certified

Spin Spun All Natural Gourmet Cotton Candy
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