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Our Story Began...

On the afternoon of December 1, 2011, when, while sitting in my office typing away at my computer, I had an overwhelming craving for some cotton candy. This craving quickly transformed into a vision. Five months later, in May 2012, following months of intense product research & development, this vision became a reality and Spin-Spun was officially launched!

Since our inception, by far the most frequently asked question we hear is "how are you able to create such amazing tasting cotton candy?"  Until now, we have protected our recipes as closely guarded trade secrets. However, today, we have decided to share our secret recipe with you...

​Spin-Spun Cotton Candy Recipe

Same for each of our more than 25 flavors:


1 Tablespoon of Inspiration

1/2 Cup of Passion

1 Tablespoon of Love

2 Teaspoons of Fun

1 Cup of Nature

2 cups of Awesomeness

Mix all of the above ingredients together, and then combine them in a large mixing bowl with the finest all natural and organic ingredients available, and then spin away!!

The end result... 


Spin-Spun has become known as the BEST-TASTING & MOST HEALTH-CONSCIOUS cotton candy ever created. Spin-Spun Cotton Candy is ALL NATURAL (technically, it is ORGANIC), LESS THAN 100 CALORIES/SERVING, FAT FREE, GLUTEN FREE, NUT FREE, & DAIRY FREE - It does not get any better than this, and we cannot wait  to share it with you!!  If you would like to try Spin-Spun Cotton Candy for yourself, or for more information or a quote, contact us or I invite you to email me personally at

Spin Spun All Natural Gourmet Cotton Candy
Spin Spun All Natural Gourmet Cotton Candy



less than 100 calories per serving!

fat free

gluten free

nut free

no artificial colors or flavors

no preservatives

all Kosher (pareve) ingredients

dairy free100% organic sugar

no pesticides, no GMOs

fair trade certified

Spin Spun All Natural Gourmet Cotton Candy
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